Japanese Toilet Bidet With Dryer


Type: Toilet Seat

MQQ is 10 PCs


· Versatile Cleaning Options: Suitable for diverse family requirements.
· Enhanced Hygiene: Features bidet wash and air drying for cleanliness.
· Quiet Slow-Close Lid: Closes silently, reducing noise and preventing damage.
· Hydrotherapy Benefits: Helps prevent hemorrhoids and constipation.
· Simple Operation: Easily adjust wash mode and temperature for comfort.
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Experience enhanced comfort and advanced technology with the Japanese Toilet Bidet With Dryer J-1033, designed to elevate your bathroom routine.

This Japanese toilet seat includes a heated seat for warmth and comfort, perfect for chilly days. An integrated LED night light provides convenient visibility during nighttime visits, and a high-definition LED display allows for easy control and monitoring.

Enjoy the convenience of a remote-controlled, hands-free operation, highlighting the commitment of the best Japanese bidet to both hygiene and ease of use. After cleansing, enjoy the comfort of warm air drying, with four adjustable settings to suit the four seasons throughout the year.

Safety is a top priority with the J-1033, which features IPX4 waterproof certification and strong protection against fire, electric leakage, and temperature fluctuations. Choose the best Japanese bidet for a superior bathroom experience that combines functionality and tranquility.

Simple One-Button Control
Simple One-Button Control
Designed for ease of use, this feature makes operation straightforward for users of all ages.
Clear LED Display
Clear LED Display
The high-definition LED display provides clear and easy-to-read information, enhancing usability.
Offering therapeutic relief, hydrotherapy is effective in preventing hemorrhoids and constipation, ensuring comfort.

Basic Function:

1. Bidet Washing
2. Rear Washing
3. Defecation Assist
4. Warm Wind Drying
5. Strong-Soft Massage
6. Moving Massage
7. Adjustable Water Temperature
8. Adjustable Drying Temperature
9. Adjustable Seat Temperature
10. Self-Cleaning Nozzle
11. Adjustable Nozzle Position
12. Side Controlled Pannel
13. Electrical Leakage Protection
14. Remote Control

Optional Function:

B-type:Manual flip
C-type: Auto Open/Close Cover

Specs & Parameters
Toilet Bowl Dimensions
Dimensions (WxHxD)
Heating System
White and Black screen
Heat storage type
Supply Capacity
Delivery Time
Jabra Sanitary
Guang Dong
10,000 pieces per month
2-4 Weeks
Online Technical Support
Instruction Guide
1 Year
Toilet Seat Box
Foam Wrapper
Prevents being damaged due to shaking.
Toilet Seat Protection
Outer Box Packaging
Prevent damage from impacts or pressure.
Toilet Seat Package
White Fabric Bag
Shields against scratches and dust.
We are a professionally certified sanitary ware supplier!
Certified by ISO 9001
ISO 9001

Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? We are happy to answer all your queries.

  • Q: Can you offer custom-made products?

    A: Yes. We can provide OEM services, including your logo and packaging. We also offer ODM services using your design. It typically takes about 45 days to confirm the sample and another 45 days to produce the products.

  • Q: What is your delivery time?

    A: It's 25 days for a 20GP and 35 days for a 40HQ.

  • Q: What should I do if I'm unsatisfied with the quality?

    A: We conduct several quality checks before delivery. If you're unsatisfied with the quality, please take a photo and send it to us. We will compensate for any issues with the quality.

  • Q: Can I place a small order?

    A: Yes, you can place a small order at the beginning of our cooperation. Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 10 units. You can also order a sample for testing.

  • Q: What other services can you offer?

    A: Here are the services we can offer:
    1. We offer one-stop shopping with various bathroom sanitary ware products.
    2. We can assist in collecting goods from other suppliers and arrange for container loading.
    3. We can manage shipping to your destination port or provide door-to-door delivery.

Our products are used in different enterprises like government agencies, airport facilities, stadiums, hotel, villa and commercial organizations.
Academy of Sciences Airport Building Commercial Properties Cultural Exhibition Centre Hotel House National Conference Centre Vacation Rental
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