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Top 11 Best Toilet Brands in the World
June 11, 2024
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Choosing the best toilets to buy can significantly enhance the comfort and functionality of your bathroom. Here are the top 11 best toilet bowl brands renowned for their quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Best Toilet Bowl Brand

Top 11 Best Toilet Brands

In this section, we explore some of the top toilet brands renowned for quality, innovation, and reliability. We'll look at a range of best rated toilet brands, from leaders in smart toilets to those focused on eco-friendly designs.

1. Kohler


Kohler is one of the recommended toilet brands, which is known for its innovative designs and advanced features. They offer a wide range of toilets, including high-efficiency models that conserve water.

Kohler's smart toilets come with features like heated seats, bidet functions, and automated flushing. Their products, such as the Kohler Numi 2.0, are designed to provide comfort and convenience, making them a popular choice for modern bathrooms.

  • History: Founded in 1873, Kohler is a leader in the plumbing industry.
  • Key Products: Smart toilets, low-flow models, and traditional designs.

Notable Features: Advanced technologies, sustainability practices, and a wide range of styles.

2. American Standard


American Standard is a well-established brand that focuses on durability and performance. Their toilets are designed to be powerful yet efficient.

The American Standard H2Option, for example, offers a dual-flush system that allows users to choose between a full or partial flush, saving water and reducing utility bills.

This brand ensures that every product meets high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

  • History: Over 140 years of experience in the plumbing industry.
  • Key Products: High-performance toilets, water-efficient models, and ADA-compliant options.
  • Notable Features: EverClean surfaces, powerful flushing systems, and stylish designs.

3. Jabra Sanitary


Jabra Sanitary, although less known, provides a range of quality sanitary products, including toilets.

They focus on durable and cost-effective solutions. Their toilets are often praised for their smooth operation and simplistic designs. They aim to offer reliable performance at an affordable price, making them a good choice for budget-conscious consumers.

  • History: A rising brand known for its innovative and reliable sanitary products, however, it has 20 years of manufacturing history.
  • Key Products: High-efficiency toilets, smart toilets, and eco-friendly models.
  • Notable Features: Advanced flushing technologies, sleek designs, and water-saving features.



TOTO is a leader in smart toilet technology. Their products, like the TOTO Nexus Washlet+ S7A, are equipped with features such as heated seats, air deodorizers, and self-cleaning functions.

TOTO is also known for its high-efficiency models that help conserve water. Their focus on comfort and innovation makes them a top choice for those looking to upgrade their bathroom experience.

  • History: Established in 1917 in Japan, Toto is a global innovator in bathroom fixtures.
  • Key Products: Washlet bidet seats, Neorest series, and eco-friendly models.
  • Notable Features: Integrated bidets, automatic flushing, and hygienic designs.

5. Duravit


Duravit combines style with functionality, offering a range of sleek and modern toilet designs. Their products are known for their durability and efficiency.

Duravit toilet bowls often feature easy-to-clean surfaces and water-saving technologies. They cater to consumers who want both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits in their bathroom fixtures.

  • History: German company known for luxury bathroom fixtures since 1817.
  • Key Products: Designer toilets, wall-mounted units, and compact models.
  • Notable Features: Sleek designs, high-quality materials, and innovative technologies.

Duravit Toilet Bowl

6. Roca


Roca is a well-respected brand in the sanitary ware industry. They offer a broad range of toilets, from basic models to high-end designs.

Roca focuses on quality materials and innovative features, such as dual-flush systems and rimless designs for better hygiene. Their commitment to sustainability and water conservation is evident in their product offerings.

  • History: Founded in 1917 in Spain, Roca is a global leader in bathroom products.
  • Key Products: Modern and minimalist toilets, wall-hung units, and smart toilets.
  • Notable Features: Innovative design, high-quality materials, and environmental sustainability.

7. Swiss Madison


Swiss Madison offers a variety of modern and stylish toilets. Their products are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

The Swiss Madison St. Tropez, for example, features a sleek one-piece design with a dual-flush system. This brand is known for its easy-to-install and easy-to-clean products, which appeal to consumers looking for convenience and efficiency.

  • History: Known for modern and stylish bathroom fixtures.
  • Key Products: Contemporary toilets, wall-hung units, and compact designs.
  • Notable Features: Sleek aesthetics, water efficiency, and innovative designs.

8. Gerber


Gerber is known for producing reliable and durable toilets. Their products focus on performance and efficiency. Gerber toilets often feature powerful flushing systems that ensure thorough cleaning with each use.

They offer a range of designs to fit different bathroom styles and preferences, making them a versatile option for many consumers.

  • History: Over 80 years of producing reliable and affordable bathroom fixtures.
  • Key Products: Residential and commercial toilets, water-saving models.
  • Notable Features: Durability, efficient flushing systems, and competitive pricing.

9. Niagara Conservation


Niagara Conservation focuses on water-saving technologies. Their toilets, like the Niagara Stealth, are designed to use significantly less water without sacrificing performance.

These eco-friendly products help reduce water bills and conserve natural resources. Niagara Conservation is a great choice for environmentally conscious consumers looking for high-efficiency toilets.

  • History: Focuses on water-saving plumbing products.
  • Key Products: High-efficiency toilets, low-flow models, and pressure-assist systems.
  • Notable Features: Stealth technology for ultra-low water usage, and sustainability.



Woodbridge offers a range of stylish and modern toilets. Their products are often praised for their sleek designs and efficient performance.

The Woodbridge Dual-Flush toilet, for example, features a dual-flush system and a sleek one-piece design. This brand provides a combination of aesthetics and functionality, making it a popular choice for contemporary bathrooms.

  • History: Known for quality and stylish bathroom fixtures.
  • Key Products: Dual flush toilets, smart toilets, and contemporary designs.
  • Notable Features: Comfort, efficiency, and modern aesthetics.

11. Saniflo


Saniflo specializes in macerating toilets that can be installed in places where traditional plumbing isn't feasible. Their products are designed for easy installation and maintenance.

Saniflo toilets are ideal for basement bathrooms or other areas that require flexible plumbing solutions. They are a practical choice for those looking to optimize their bathroom setup in challenging spaces.

  • History: Specializes in macerating and grinding toilet systems.
  • Key Products: Upflush toilets, macerating pumps, and compact models.
  • Notable Features: Ideal for basement and attic installations, innovative waste management.

Evaluating Top Toilet Brands: Key Factors

When evaluating top toilet brands, it's important to consider several key factors such as comfort, design, durability, and water efficiency. Each of these aspects ensures that the toilet you choose will meet your specific needs and preferences.

Recommended Toilet Brands

1. Comfort and Design

Comfort and design are crucial when selecting a toilet. The height and shape of the toilet bowl can significantly impact user comfort. Ergonomic designs and elongated bowls are often preferred for added comfort. Additionally, consider the aesthetics of the toilet. A sleek and modern design can complement your bathroom decor.

Design Elements to Consider:

2. Quality and Durability

Quality and durability ensure that your toilet will last for years without frequent repairs or replacements. Premium materials such as porcelain and ceramics are highly resistant to cracking and wear.

Key Quality Points:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Long-lasting glazing to prevent stains and scratches
  • Reliable performance over time

3. Flushing System Types

The flushing system is a vital component of any toilet. There are various types, including gravity-fed, pressure-assisted, and dual-flush systems. Each offers different benefits, such as powerful flushing or better water conservation.

Popular Flushing Systems:

  • Gravity-fed: Simple and efficient
  • Pressure-assisted: Stronger flush, less clogging
  • Dual-flush: Offers options for liquid and solid waste

4. Ease of Cleaning

Ease of cleaning is a significant factor for many homeowners. Toilets with a sleek design and fewer crevices are typically easier to clean.

One-piece toilets tend to be simpler to maintain compared to two-piece models. Features like glazed trapways and antimicrobial surfaces help keep the toilet clean longer.

Ease of Cleaning Features:

  • One-piece design: Fewer joints and seams
  • Glazed trapways: Prevent buildup
  • Antimicrobial surfaces: Reduce bacteria growth

5. Water Efficiency

Water efficiency is important for both environmental and cost-saving reasons. High-efficiency toilets (HETs) use less water per flush without compromising performance.

Look for labels like WaterSense to identify water-efficient models.

Water Efficiency Aspects:

  • HETs: Use 1.28 gallons per flush or less
  • Dual-flush models: Offer half-flush options
  • WaterSense labels: Indicate high efficiency

6. Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability focuses on the eco-friendly aspects of toilet manufacturing and operation. Brands that use recycled materials and sustainable practices in production are preferred. Additionally, water-efficient toilets help conserve this vital resource.

Sustainability Considerations:

  • Materials: Recycled and eco-friendly
  • Manufacturing processes: Low environmental impact
  • Water conservation: Reduce overall water use

7. Customer Service and Warranty

Good customer service and a solid warranty are essential for peace of mind. Reputable brands offer comprehensive warranties that cover parts and labor. Responsive customer service is also crucial for addressing any issues that may arise.

Key Customer Service Points:

  • Comprehensive warranties: Cover major components
  • Responsive support: Help with troubleshooting and repairs
  • Extended warranties: Available for added protection

8. Consumer Reviews and Ratings

Consumer reviews and ratings provide insight into real-world performance and reliability. Look at ratings on retailer websites and independent review sites to gauge common issues and overall satisfaction. High ratings are a strong indication of a quality product.

Consumer Review Tips:

  • Check multiple sources: Retailer websites, independent reviews
  • Common praises and complaints: Learn from other users
  • Overall ratings: High ratings indicate better reliability

9. Price Comparison and Value

Price comparison and value involve assessing the cost relative to the features and performance offered. While some brands may be more expensive, they often provide better durability and more advanced features, making them a better long-term investment.

Price vs. Value Factors:

  • Cost of ownership: Initial price and maintenance costs
  • Feature set: Advanced features vs. basic models
  • Long-term investment: Consider durability and efficiency

By paying attention to these key factors, we can make a more informed decision when selecting the best toilet brand for our needs.


Which brand offers the most water-efficient toilet?

The Niagara Stealth toilet is known for its ultra-high efficiency, using only 0.8 gallons per flush. This makes it one of the most water-efficient options available. You can learn more about it here.

What features should I look for in a toilet?

Look for features such as water efficiency, comfort height, dual flush options, and elongated bowls for added comfort. Additionally, consider whether you want any advanced features like bidet functions or smart technology.

How do I choose the right toilet for my bathroom?

Consider factors such as the size of your bathroom, the toilet's water usage, the bowl shape, and any additional features you may want. Read reviews and consult with professionals if needed. Check out some of the best smart toilets reviewed by experts here.

Are one-piece toilets better than two-piece toilets?

One-piece toilets are generally easier to clean and have a sleek design. Two-piece toilets are often more affordable and easier to install. The choice depends on your preferences and needs.

Which toilet brands are the most durable?

Brands like Jabra Sanitary, American Standard and Kohler are known for their durability and long-lasting performance. These brands offer quality construction and reliable operation.

Final Recommendations

Among the best toilet brands, Toto stands out for its innovative designs and high-quality models. Toto's commitment to sustainability and performance makes it a top choice for many households.

Another top manufacturer in the market is Kohler. Known for its durable and stylish designs, Kohler offers a range of toilets that cater to different preferences and budgets.

Best Toilets to Buy

Whether we need a sleek one-piece model or a powerful dual-flush system, Kohler provides reliable solutions that enhance our bathroom experience.

For budget-friendly yet efficient options, consider brands like Jabra Sanitary, American Standard, and Swiss Madison.

These brands deliver well-crafted toilets that perform well without breaking the bank. By choosing from the best toilet company, we can ensure that our bathroom fixtures meet both our functional needs and aesthetic preferences.

As the most reliable toilet brand, Jabra Sanitary stands out for its commitment to quality and innovation.

Why Choose Jabra Sanitary?

  • Quality Assurance: Jabra Sanitary ensures every product meets high standards.
  • Innovative Designs: Their toilets feature modern designs and advanced functionalities.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: Many Jabra toilet models are designed to conserve water.

Here are some key points on why we recommend Jabra Sanitary:

  • Durability: Jabra toilets are built to last.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Simple cleaning and maintenance routines.
  • Comfort: Ergonomic designs for user comfort.

Popular Jabra Toilets

Price Range
Dual-flush, siphon jet
$450 - $600
High-efficiency, elongated bowl
$100 - $250
Bidet, smart features, nightlight
$250 - $350

Customer Reviews:

Customers praise Jabra Sanitary for reliable performance and modern design. The J-2033 is popular for its water-saving dual-flush feature, while the J-2021 is favored for its advanced smart functionalities.

Choosing Jabra Sanitary means investing in a brand that prioritizes quality, comfort, and sustainability.

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