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Jabra Sanitary is committed to delivering great services,
reflecting our focus on customer care.

Support Throughout the Whole Lifespan of Your Product

Our after-sales team supports you through your product's entire lifespan, offering services from setup to returns. Quick on-site assistance and expertise in various areas, including specialized warehousing for event-specific packaging, are part of our comprehensive care.

Jabra Sanitary Customer Support

Service Assurance

Our promise is not just a slogan but a real action.

We offer full service, expert design, technical support, and top-notch quality control, ensuring a worry-free experience with our bathroom fixtures.

  • Fast Response Service

    One-to-one Consulting

    Custom support, 30-minute response.

  • Pre After Service

    Pre-After Service

    Safe delivery, reliable after-sales.

  • OEM ODM Service

    OEM & ODM Service

    Private label design and manufacturing.

  • Secure Package

    Secure OEM Package

    Durable, customizable packaging solutions.

  • MOQ and Spares

    Low MOQ and Spares

    MOQ is 10 units, extra spares.

  • On Time Delivery

    On-time Delivery

    Guaranteed fast shipment.

  • Exclusive Follow Up

    Exclusive Follow-Up

    Progress updates and quality checks.

  • Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions

    Installation support and guides.

  • Warranty Service

    Free Warranty

    One-year warranty for satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions about Service

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    Q: How do you respond to customer complaints?

    A: This is our routine handling procedure for our customer complaints.
    Reserved Sample
    For each shipment from Jabra Sanitary, we keep 1 to 2 pcs in our inventory for at least a year for traceability.
    Recall a Claim Sample
    If there are functional issues with any product, we recall a sample for investigation. If it's our responsibility, we provide a free replacement.

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    Q: What is the warranty for Jabra Sanitary Wares?

    A: Our 1-year warranty is provided at no additional cost and is effective immediately following the purchase of your Jabra sanitary wares.

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    Q: What is the average delivery time for a Jabra Sanitary product?

    A: It usually takes 20 to 30 days for production and delivery. Transit times typically may be different depending on where you are located.

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    Q: Can we get a sample from Jabra Sanitary?

    A: Yes. Here are the steps to request your sample:

    01 Select the Product Model
    Choose the specific product model you are interested in.

    02 Inquire About Pricing and Shipping
    Gather information on the cost of your sample and the shipping methods.

    03 Payment and Shipping Arrangements
    If you accept the price, follow our guidelines for payment.

    04 Confirm Shipping Details
    Confirm the details including address, shipping method, etc. for delivery.

    05 Receive and Review Samples
    Once received, carefully inspect them to ensure they meet your quality standards.

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    Q: How to cooperate with Jabra Sanitary?

    A: Thanks for your interest in working with us.
    Hope we can have a chance to offer you a suitable bathroom solution and serve you.

    Step 1: Choose the Right Product
    Pick the toilet models to suit your needs or order samples for your evaluation.

    Step 2: Confirm Your Order
    Confirm the price, quantity, packaging, delivery time, and payment terms.

    Step 3: Production Begins
    Our production team will plan to manufacture and ensure timely preparation.

    Step 4: Quality Check
    You can arrange for a third-party inspection, or we provide our quality report.

    Step 5: Package and Shipping
    We book the shipment in advance, load the goods on time, and provide the Bill of Lading, packing list, invoice, and Certificate of Origin (C/O) for customs clearance.

    Step 6: Goods Receipt and Inspection
    The receiving party inspects the goods to ensure they are in the expected condition and quantity.

    Step 7: Quality Assurance
    If discrepancies or quality issues are identified, the receiving party communicates with the supplying factory to address and resolve the concerns.

    Step 8: After-sale Service
    Our factory will address concerns and any post-purchase issues that may arise. Feedback is collected and analyzed. And handle returns and warranty claims.

    Step 9: Long-term Relationship Building
    Our factory will maintain a strong, mutually beneficial business relationship with our partners.

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We strive to be the top choice for businesses seeking superior sanitary ware, focusing on premium toilets to improve bathroom functionality and design.

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Why Choose Jabra

We're your trusted sanitary ware supplier for water closets, flush toilet bowls, smart toilets, or other sanitaryware in China.

  • Low MOQ

    Test 10 pieces to learn customer preferences

  • High Durability

    Products endure 500,000 tests longevity

  • Competitive Price

    Prices are 30% lower, with no added markups

  • Unmatched Efficiency

    40% faster delivery than competitors

  • Reduced Risk

    One-stop service reduces risk by 60%

  • Warranty Policy

    One-year warranty for non-user faults

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