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Yes, we care about sustainability!
We tried our best to cut down on waste and reduce the impact of global warming.

Eco Over Earnings,
Sustainability Before Profit.

At our toilet factory, we're committed to leading the charge in environmental responsibility, ensuring that our planet's health comes before our profit margins.
Through innovative, eco-friendly manufacturing processes, we aim to set a new standard in the industry, proving that sustainability and success can go hand in hand.

Ceramic: Not Waste, But a Valuable Resource!

Ceramics are 100% recyclable. The properties like hardness, wear resistance,

and stability largely stays the same, especially with high-temperature re-sintering.

We focused on careful selection, recycling methods, and the mix ratio to

ensure quality maintenance through rigorous recycling,

transforming it into a sustainable asset.

Closed Loop
Recycling Process

Material Collection

Begins with gathering ceramic waste from various sources for recycling

Quality Control

Each toilet undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets strict standards.

Waste Processing

Ceramic pieces are cleaned and crushed, preparing them for reprocessing.

Making New Products

The mixture is molded into toilet bowls, dried, glazed, and kiln-fired to vitrify the ceramic, ensuring strength and water resistance.

Crushing and Milling

The crushed ceramics are turned into a fine powder, ready to be mixed with new materials.

Material Mixing

This powder is combined with new raw materials, focusing on maximizing the use of recycled content.

Renewable Energy Renewable Resources
Use Renewable Resources

Toilet production needs a lot of heat, usually from burning oil or gas.Now we use renewable resources like solar and wind energy, to cut down on using chemical fuels and making air pollution.

Now, we put solar panels on our factory roofs and lands to use sunlight for power. Where it works, we also use windmills to get power from the wind.

For steps in making toilets, such as firing and drying, which require a lot of heat, we apply innovative technology including a temperature control system and heat energy recovery technology to ensure maximum utilization of heat energy

Reduce Reuse Recycle Reduce Waste
Reduce Waste

Streamline Production: We plan our production lines carefully to cut down on unnecessary steps and material waste, using precise material ratios and efficient layouts.

Sort and Recycle Waste: We separate waste produced during manufacturing, sending recyclables to recycling centers and disposing of non-recyclables in eco-friendly ways to aim for zero waste.

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Water Efficient Toilets Water Conserving Toilets
Save Energy and Water

Use Energy-Efficient Equipment: We choose machines that use less electricity for the same tasks. reducing overall energy use.

Product Design Optimization: We design water-efficient toilets that not only use less energy in production but also help consumers save water during use.

Recycle Water: Our toilet manufacturing includes recycling systems for cooling and cleaning, and reusing water after purification to lessen the demand for fresh water.

Advanced Water Treatment: We employ sophisticated water treatment methods like reverse osmosis to make waste water reusable, thereby conserving water and reducing wastewater discharge.

Eco Sanitary Ware Most Eco Friendly Toilet
Eco-friendly and Sustainable Materials

Eco-friendly Materials: We use environmentally friendly materials, like low-VOC glazes and pigments, to reduce pollution.

Sustainable Supply Chain: We select suppliers with eco-certifications and sustainable materials to ensure our supply chain is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Employee Training: All workers are educated in sustainability practices

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