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Learn how Jabra Sanitary manages the whole manufacturing process of toilet bowls and completes your order on budget and on time.

Who We Are

With over 20 years of innovation in bathroom products, we annually produce over 2 million items, distributed in more than 190 countries. We are dedicated to upgrading your bathroom for a better life.

Our Factory Strengths

Our factory excels with advanced machines and a skilled team, ensuring top-quality production.

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Our Manufacturing Advantages

Jabra Sanitary excels in manufacturing due to our high-quality materials,
advanced automated equipment, and efficient production methods.

  • How Toilets Are Made

    Quality Raw Materials

    Thanks to the rich natural resources in our hometown, we have the ability to make great ceramic bathroom items with high-grade clay.

    We also have strong connections with raw material suppliers.

  • Toilet Manufacturing

    Fully Automatic Machines

    We started using new high-pressure molding machines, which produce four times faster than before.

    With automatic shuttle kilns and automatic casting machines, we are able to develop all sorts of ceramic products in different styles.

  • Water Closet Supplier

    Efficient Production Lines

    We operate 20 high-pressure slip-casting lines for basin and toilet production simultaneously.

    This setup not only enhances our production capacity but also reduces the costs of each product.

Our Production Process

  • Prepare Raw Material

    Prepare Raw Material

    We start by carefully selecting and preparing the best quality raw materials for our ceramics.

  • Stirring The Clay

    Stirring The Clay

    The clay is thoroughly mixed to ensure a smooth, consistent texture for molding.

  • Moulding


    In this step, the prepared clay is shaped into the desired form using precise molds.

  • Demolding


    Once the clay hardens, the molds are carefully removed, revealing the toilet form.

  • Trimming


    Any imperfections are skillfully trimmed to achieve the perfect shape and smoothness.

  • Drying


    The items are dried to remove excess moisture and further solidify their structure.

  • Checking and Sanding

    Checking and Sanding

    Inspect the body for damage. If found, mark for repair; if not, proceed with sanding.

  • Glazing


    The surface is glazed 3-5 times to 1.1-1.2mm thickness for a smooth, glossy finish. Silver ions in the glaze offer antibacterial properties after sintering.

  • Firing in Kilns

    Firing in Kilns

    The glazed ceramics are then fired in kilns at high temperatures to harden and finalize the product.

  • Water Testing

    Water Testing

    The finished toilets are water-tested to ensure they are leak-free and fully functional.

  • Injection Molding

    Injection Molding

    An injection molding machine is used to create the toilet's plastic components.

  • Electronic Component Assembly

    Electronic Component Assembly

    After the plastic parts are formed, the electronic components are assembled, including sensors and control boards.

  • Wiring Assembly

    Wiring Assembly

    The wiring for the electronic components is carefully assembled and connected to ensure proper functionality.

  • Complete Assembly

    Complete Assembly

    The toilet's various parts are assembled and prepared for testing.

  • Smart Lid Testing

    Smart Lid Testing

    The smart lid, with features like automated opening/closing and bidet functions, is tested for proper operation.

  • Packaging


    The assembled smart toilets are labeled, packaged, and prepared for shipment.

  • Shipping


    Finally, the packaged products are shipped out, ready to be delivered to our customers.

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