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We're dedicated to the innovation and the continuous improvement of our products to satisfy the growing demands of knowledgeable customers.

Our R&D Experts

Our R&D department is a top-notch team of skilled engineers and designers with more than 50 product patents in the last few years.

Our dedicated R&D team collaborates closely with sales and marketing to create products that truly cater to consumer needs, ensuring they only move to production once they meet our high standards for design and quality.

R and D Department

Our R&D Goals

Industry Knowledge Industry Knowledge
Teamwork Teamwork
Creativity Creativity
Results Focused Results-focused

Innovation in Every Detail

We delve into every facet of our bathroom products, from functionality and design to materials and dimensions, ensuring they meet customers' demands for quality of life, health, and hygiene.

Through market research and feedback collection, we continuously refine our designs based on consumer preferences.

Remote Control Toilet


We explore the market's popular toilet features, such as water-saving technology, automatic cleaning, and smart sensors, to identify consumer preferences and innovate to stand out from competitors.

Toilet Modern Design


Our toilet designs cater to modern tastes while prioritizing user comfort. We examine various design styles—minimalist, contemporary, traditional—and align them with market preferences.

Toilet Material


Choosing the right materials is crucial for durability and practicality. We analyze the properties of different materials, ensuring our choices are cost-effective and maintain quality.

Small Toilet Dimensions


We ensure our toilets meet standard dimensions while accommodating specific market needs, recognizing that preferences may vary between regions, such as smaller sizes in Asia and larger designs in Western markets.

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Technical Innovation - Instant Heat Water System

This is a new way to heat water that keeps you safe. This method heats water as it flows, giving you different warm settings that stay the same temperature.

It gets rid of the need to heat a whole tank, which can grow bacteria, keeping you and especially sensitive areas healthy.

Key Parts

Instant Hot Water Tank Key Parts Thermal
Instant Hot Water Tank Key Parts Real silver
Instant Hot Water Tank Key Parts Tiny-scale
heat materi-
Instant Hot Water Tank Key Parts Very pure heat-carrying
silicone tube with
99.99% silica
Instant Electric Hot Water System

Technical Innovation - 1:3 Air Injection

Our smart toilet features a gentle flush system that ensures a soft and even water flow, preventing any discomfort or pain from harsh pressure.

  • Air Swirl

    Micro air compression swirl

    Mix air with water at a 1:3 ratio

  • Toilet Self-cleaning Nozzle

    Self-cleaning Nozzle

    Ensure it sprays water gently and maintains hygiene.

  • Dry Toilet System

    Drying Mode

    A comfortable experience without the need for toilet paper.

Other Cutting-Edge Technology

Our R&D team designs each toilet with meticulous attention to performance and aesthetics to ensure a comfortable restroom experience.

High Tech Toilet Bowl
  • Infrared Sensor

  • Capacitive Sensing

  • Intelligent Temperature Control System

  • Microwave Radar Sensor

  • Hydroelectricity

  • Magnetic Sensor

Our Eco-friendly Solutions

Water is essential for life on Earth, making it crucial to create sustainable solutions that enable water and energy conservation.

Water-efficient toilets minimize flush water through design and tech iinnovations.

Toilet Bowl Dual Flush

Dual-flush systems A big button for solid waste and a small one for liquid, allows users to save water by choosing the appropriate flush.

Low Flush Toilets

Low-flow technology Smart toilets use less water per flush, with some models needing only 4.8 liters, much lower than traditional toilets.

Touchless Flush Toilet

Touchless systems Use sensors for automatic flushing, reducing water waste by flushing only when necessary.

Grey Water Toilet

Greywater systems Recycle sink water for flushing, significantly cutting down water usage by reusing handwashing water for the next flush.

Eco Flush Toilet
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