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Warehousing & Logistics
As a leading sanitary ware manufacturer in China, our transportation department is dedicated to overcoming your warehousing and logistics challenges.

How We Work with You
on Inventory Management

  • Jabra Sanitary Inventory Management Just-in-Time Inventory

    Order materials as needed, and cutwaste.

  • Jabra Sanitary Inventory Management Demand Forecasting

    Analyze trends to predict sales accurately.

  • Jabra Sanitary Inventory Management Automated Inventory Systems

    Track stock levels instantly.

  • Jabra Sanitary Inventory Management Efficient Warehouse Layout

    LayoutStreamline goods movement, and improve speed.

  • Jabra Sanitary Inventory Management Supplier Relationship Management

    Ensure reliable material supply.

  • Jabra Sanitary Inventory Management Customer Feedback Loop

    Adjust inventory based on demand insights.

Why Do That?
Guaranteed fast delivery!

Our big warehouses with 200,000 Square Meters have lots of space for over 1200 items and customer stuff.

This makes our orders quick and safe, with your products well-packed and ready to go.

Looking for a one-stop solution for bulk toilet purchasing?

Tell us your needed quantity and style. We will send you a custom
quote for your bathroom project.

Order Processing Procedure

Your order process uses careful packaging, fast shipping,
and easy setup instructions to meet your company and project needs
from start to end.


Secure, durable materials for safe transit.
Order Processing Procedure
Order Processing Procedure


Efficient shipping method, and real-time shipment tracking.

Installation Guide

Provides clear instructions and customer support.

Careful Package to Ensure Safe Delivery

We pack our ceramic products with great care, yet they're still fragile in transit.
We keep an eye on each delivery and check our carriers often to keep things
safe and on time.

Better packaging helps keep toilets safe during shipping,
improving customer satisfaction.

  • Enhanced Foam Wrapping

    Enhanced Foam Wrapping

    High-density foam for shock absorption.

  • Custom-Fit Inserts

    Custom-Fit Inserts

    Foam/cardboard fits toilet shape, and reduces movement.

  • Corner Protectors

    Corner Protectors

    Protects toilet's vulnerable parts during transit.

  • Waterproofing


    Waterproof materials guard against moisture damage.

  • Strapping


    Bands secure boxes, preventing opening or damage.

  • Fragile Labels

    Fragile Labels

    Labels urge carriers to handle this with care.

  • Instructions for Unpacking Installing

    Instructional Packaging

    External instructions for easy unpacking. preventing mishandling

Effective Shipping Method

We use different shipping methods for different products,
with options for clients to specify their preferences or follow our suggestions.

  • Full Container Sea Shipping

    Sea Shipping for Full Container

    This is our standard method for full container loads. Suitable for 20"GP containers (26-28 CBM of goods) and 40"HQ containers (66-68 CBM of goods), it ensures safe and space-efficient transport.

  • LCL Sea Shipping

    Sea Shipping for LCL

    For shipments under 10 CBM, we suggest LCL (Less than Container Load) sea shipping. Wooden pallets or boxes are used for packaging to maintain the integrity and cohesiveness of the goods ensuring nothing is lost upon arrival at the destination port.

  • Air Express

    Air Express

    For samples or urgent deliveries. we utilize air freight with global carriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and TNT. Our extensive network with leading airlines allows us to offer rapid shipping solutions for your parcels.

How we assist customers with the installation

To ensure a smoother, quicker setup process.
Here are our strategies.

  • Jabra Sanitary Inventory ManagementQuick-Start Guides: Simplified guides for easy key-step installation.
  • Jabra Sanitary Inventory ManagementOnline Tutorials: Video tutorial for visual step-by-step help.
  • Jabra Sanitary Inventory ManagementTroubleshooting Guides: Fast solutions for common issues are included.
  • Jabra Sanitary Inventory ManagementCustomer Support Hotline: Real-time help with installation questions.
  • Jabra Sanitary Inventory ManagementTool-Free Features: Easy installation with minimal or no tools.
  • Jabra Sanitary Inventory ManagementModular Components: Some toilet models have easy-to-assemble parts for quicker setup.
  • Jabra Sanitary Inventory ManagementPre-Delivery Trial Assembly: For toilets with complex structures, we have trial assembly before delivery.
  • Jabra Sanitary Inventory Management24/7 Engineer Support: Our experts are always ready to help, available 24/7 on-call.
Assist With Installation
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