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Case Details & Customer Feedback
Ceramic Toilets Cases
Place: Houston, U.S.
Project Duration: 60 days
Total Quantity: 300 units
One-stop Shopping Types: ceramic toilet, intelligent smart toilet, toilet seat
Case 1: Expanding Product Lines with Our Ceramic Toilets
Client's Info:
Mrs. Emily owns a mid-sized home improvement store in Texas and has been in the business for over a decade. Looking to diversify her product range with high-quality sanitary ware, she reached out to us for our ceramic toilets.
How We Work:
"Working with this team has been a breeze. Their products are of exceptional quality, and their service is unmatched. My customers love the new range, and I'm seeing increased foot traffic as a result. A fantastic partnership!"
Case 2: Intelligent Smart Toilet Installation for a Boutique Hotel Chain
Client's Info:
Mr. Lucas, the procurement manager for a boutique hotel chain, was tasked with upgrading the guest bathrooms to enhance the overall customer experience. He sought out our intelligent smart toilets for their modern features and design.
How We Work:
"The smart toilets have been a game-changer for our hotels. Guests are impressed by the technology and comfort, and we've received glowing reviews. The professionalism and expertise of the team made the whole process smooth. Highly recommend!"
Hotel Toilets Cases
Place: San Francisco, U.S.
Project Duration: 45 days
Total Cost: $150,000
One-stop Shopping Types: intelligent smart toilet, ceramic toilet, modern toilet seat
Toilet Seats Cases
Place: Seattle, U.S.
Project Duration: 30 days
Quantity: 500 units
One-stop Shopping Types: toilet seat, ceramic toilet, intelligent smart toilet
Case 3: Toilet Seats Supply for a Large Residential Project
Client's Info:
Mr. Henry, a project manager for a large residential development, needed high-quality toilet seats that would complement the modern aesthetics of the new homes while being durable and functional.
How We Work:
"The quality and variety of toilet seats supplied were exactly what our project needed. The efficient order and delivery process helped us stay on track with our timelines. The support from the team was outstanding, making them a valuable partner for us."
More Successful Cases
With 20 years of manufacturing experience in the sanitaryware industry,
we have successfully completed numerous large-scale projects.
Apartment Toilet Design
We collaborate closely with boutique bathroom showrooms, architects, consultants, and designers to solve challenges in both historic and modern structures while staying within budget.
Home Toilet Design
Working closely with the local teams, our expertise has helped make some really amazing wet room showers in bathrooms and attached smaller bathrooms.
Toilet in Hotel
We have provided several hotels with specialized bathrooms that were tailored to the design, appearance, ease of construction, and cost limitations provided during the design phase.
Public Restroom Design for Exhibition
Exhibition Center
We have offered customers the option to make selections. In instances where an agreement could not be reached, the customer was promptly presented with alternative options.
School Toilet Design
The school project is intended for students, therefore, customers have relatively high expectations for the quality of building materials. It is necessary for the materials to be certified by SOSA.
Toilet Public for Stadium
For public buildings, we have a highly impressive and top-notch negotiation. The communication was truly professional and prompt. Despite numerous changes, we have successfully resolved everything to our satisfaction thus far.
Airport Toilet Design
AirPort Building
This is a multi-phase project. Our manufacturing facility guarantees prompt delivery every time. We offer guidance on the most appropriate product portfolio and provide them with straightforward solutions.
Hospital Toilet
The project requires thoughtful consideration to meet the special needs of patients, disabled people, and children while ensuring clean and safety. At last, we assisted in purchasing 40 containers and deliver successfully.
Real Product Reviews from Customers
Customer Emily
Emily from Canada reviewed
Exceptional Quality and Service
5 out of 5, reviewed on December 15, 2023
"As an interior design company working with Jabra, our experience has been a pleasure from start to finish. Our clients are thrilled with the smart features. Looking forward to our next order!"
Customer Ahmed
Ahmed from UAE reviewed
A Game Changer for Our Hotels
5 out of 5, reviewed on November 22, 2023
"As a hotel manager, I tested Jabra smart toilets and was impressed. The quality and efficiency of your toilet bowls have improved our guest experience. Thank you for making this a successful project."
Customer Maria
Maria from Italy reviewed
Beyond Expectations
5 out of 5, reviewed on October 30, 2023
"As a company in the construction industry, the Jabra toilet has been transformative. The toilet has exceeded our expectations in both design and functionality. Thank you for making this project a success!"
Customer Ken
Ken from Australia reviewed
Sleek Design, Superior Performance
5 out of 5, reviewed on September 5, 2023
"As a dealer in smart toilets, I was concerned about the costs with local freight forwarders. Working with Jabra resolved these issues. We are extremely satisfied with your service and excited about future projects."
Customer Sofia
Sofia from Spain reviewed
Supreme Comfort
5 out of 5, reviewed on August 20, 2023
"As the head of an exhibition center, I find the Jabra toilet to be extremely cost-effective. The products feature stylish design and exceptional performance, and we are supported by professional, responsive service from your team. Thank you so much."
Customer Jonas
Jonas from Germany reviewed
Exceptional Efficiency
5 out of 5, reviewed on January 10, 2024
"I am a real estate developer and Jabra smart toilets are an addition to our eco-friendly project. Their unique egg-shaped design modernizes our bathrooms and conserves water effectively, boosting our profits. Thanks for the excellent products and experience!"
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