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Quality Control
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Jabra Sanitary provides ceramic toilets with superior quality,
ensuring a comfortable bathroom experience.

4-Step Quality Management System at Jabra Sanitary

Jabra Quality Management System

Only From Reliable Suppliers!

We only work with trusted suppliers, some for more than 10 years.

We choose them for good quality, not just low price.

Our QC team checks every batch of materials carefully.

Only Premium Raw Materials Here!

We use precise raw materials proportions to ensure

the long-lasting durability of our toilets.

Basic Raw Material
Material Standard Range Our Products Range
Copper 58.63% 58.50%
Lead 0.5-2.5% 1.5-2%
Tin 0.0-1.0% 0.1-0.3%
Nickel 0.0-1.0% 0.3-0.5%
Iron 0.0-0.8% 0.5-0.7%
Aluminum 0.0-0.8% 0.7-0.9%
Manganese 0.0-0.5% 0.08-0.09%
Zinc Balance Balance
Nickel Chromium Thickness
Physical Properties Observed Range
Shore Hardness “A” 60-90
Tensile Strength (Kgf/CM2) 160-180
Elongation (%) 370-400
Specific Gravity 1.15-1.28
Compression Set (%) 17-23
Nickel Chromium Thickness
Particulars As per Standard Our Products
Nickel 10 Micron 10 Micron 12 to 15 Micron
Chromium 0.3 Micron 0.5 to 0.7 Micron

100% Quality Control

Jabra Sanitary does 100% product inspection for each item before delivery to

make sure it's perfect.

Any faulty item is either fixed or replaced quickly.

In Process Quality Control


In-process QC

Our QC team inspects each item daily including wet-dry porcelain inspection. And check the appearance to see if there are air bubbles, pinholes, or cracks.

Semi Finished Toilet Testing


Semi-finished Product Testing

Workers will carry out various tests to test functions, including visual inspection, flushing tests, water absorption, chemicals, crazing resistance, resistance to staining and burning, etc.

Final Toilet Inspection


Final Inspection

We ensure a final QC inspection of all finished product details before packing, focusing on uniform color, shape, smooth glazing, and standard physical properties.

Rejected Items

Our QC team rigorously inspects all items against international standards,

rejecting any with even minor defects without exception.



Big Pinhole

Big Pinhole

Glaze Bubble

Glaze Bubble

Different Color

Different Color





Appearance Standard Form
Defect Type Face A (Front) Face B (Side) Face C (Bottom)
Pinhole, Glaze Hole, Impurities, Lack of Glaze, Dross, Aluminum Powder, etc. Not Accepted Not Accepted /
Different Color Point 2pcs ≤1mm light color point accepted (per 50x50mm area) 1pc ≤2mm light color point or 1pc ≤1mm dark color point accepted (per 50x50mm area) /
Pores On Glaze Not Accepted Not Dense /
Shallow Glaze, Ripple Glaze Not Accepted Not Obvious /
Orange Color Glaze Not Accepted Not Obvious /
Sticky Glaze, Burr, Product Stick On Silicon Panel Not Accepted Not Accepted Polish To Be Flat
The Producing Body is Uneven, Bubble On Glaze or Other Uneven Factors Not Accepted Not Obvious Repair to Be Flat and Smooth, Not Obvious
Crack Not Accepted Not Accepted /
Bruise Not Accepted Not Obvious /
Size Difference Standard Size+5cm
Deformation Front Straight Edge≤3-4mm, Both Sides≤1mm,Installing Side≤1mm, Against The Wall Side≤1mm
Warping Angle Not Accepted
Holes (for Faucet, Overflow, Drainer) Are Not Round, Not Reasonable Not Accepted
The Centerline of Holes (for Faucet, Overflow, Drainer) Is Offset Not Accepted
Flowing Glaze Around Holes (for Faucet, Overflow, Drainer) Polish To Be Flat

Expecting to build a successful brand?

Choose Jabra Sanitary toilet supplier to give you an absolute edge over your


Jabra Product Testing Protocol

We have our laboratory, equipped with various testers.

We perform 15 tests to produce our top-quality and reliable ceramic toilets.

Out of these, a few are listed below.

Color Difference Test

Color Difference Tester

Hardware Salt Spray Tester

Hardware Salt Spray Tester

Yellowing Resistance Tester

Yellowing Resistance Tester

Our Quality Standard

With 20 years in the bathroom industry and a focus on R&D, all of our delivered toilets must pass the standard

ISO 9001 International Quality System and the testing standards of CE, cUPC, and ETL certification.

Ce Marking
Cupc Certification
Certified By Iso-9001
Etl Intertek

Quality Policy

Jabra Sanitary is dedicated to achieving complete customer satisfaction by:

What We Do

  • Ensuring timely delivery of high-quality products.
  • Enhancing quality through process control and prevention methods.
  • Upgrading manufacturing processes.
  • Adhering to governmental and safety standards.
  • Continuously improving our quality management system.

Our Goals

  • Steadily decrease customer complaints.
  • Continually lower product manufacturing costs.
  • Regularly reduce rejections, rework, and process discrepancies.
  • Enhance product and process efficacy.

Why Choose Jabra

We're your trusted sanitary ware supplier for water closets, flush toilet bowls, smart toilets, or other sanitaryware in China.


Test 10 pieces to learn customer preferences

High Durability

Test 10 Products endure 500.000 tests longevity

Competitive Price

Prices are 30% lower, with no added markups

Unmatched Efficiency

40% faster delivery than competitors

Reduced Risk

One-stop servlce reduces riskby 60%

Warranty Policy

One-year warranty for non-user faults

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